Helming at the cusp of art and design, Dhwani Bansal Jewellery is a contemporary fashion jewellery label rooted in the southern city of Bangalore, India.

Dhwani Bansal Jewellery is characterised by a vocabulary of clean lines, simplified geometry and understated elegance. The dominant presence of intricacy through simplicity, the captivating influence of history and spirituality, the elegant merger of culture with minimalism, and the softness of organic beauty is what the designer behind this eponymous label seeks to embody in her designs.

Each collection taps into the timeless art of handcrafting jewellery to create pieces that reflect subtle traditional undertones against striking, modern silhouettes, and designs that are refined, self-assured and sometimes whimsical; modern must haves that combine dialogue with extreme wearability.


Left: Dhwani, Right: Anuradha

Dhwani Bansal received her Jewellery training at Central Saint Martins, London, under some of the industry’s biggest contemporary jewellery influencers. She was shortlisted as one of the five upcoming designers by Francesca Amfitheatrof, Design Director at Tiffany & Co., New York, at the CSM Degree Show in 2015, where she launched her capsule collection ‘Resolve’. She went on to formally launched her Label in Bangalore, India in 2016, before going on to study Business and Entrepreneurship as one of the 30 upcoming designers at the Goldsmith’s Centre, London.

Anuradha Bansal came on board with her 25 year long expertise in business, marketing and strategy. Her maxim “live in the present but foray into the future” helped her not only build a successful technology company of her own but also add value to numerous companies with whom she has been associated with in an advisory capacity over the years.

Jewellery to them is the perfect platform to explore, create and innovate. It offers them a space to traverse the complexities of the human body and individuality while exploring human relationships; with themselves, amongst themselves and with their surroundings.